Full Length

 15mm Heel Cup

 White 65D EVA Shell with Cork Inlay - Softer density EVA is also available.

 3mm Poron Forefoot Extension to Toes

 3mm Plastizote Top Cover to Toes

 Full Length 1.5mm Nyplex Bottom Cover

 Different correction angles can be built into the rearfoot and forefoot.

 If a forefoot marathon (sulcus) post is desired it is molded as a single piece with the shell.

A soft accommodating device focused on relief of foot pain for diabetic patients. 65D EVA and cork shell with 15mm heel cup. 3mm Poron full-length padding to toes. 3mm Plastazote full-length top cover to toes. Can be made with a softer EVA shell for more accommodation. Due to the added padding, this orthotic works best with an extra depth shoe.

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