All plastics, polypropylene, copolymers, and polynyolene are guarantee against breakage for the functional life of the device.

EVA orthoses and laminates are guaranteed against excessive compression for 6 months.

Covers, additions and posts are not guaranteed as individual body chemistry, weight and activity will wear at different rates.

Within 3 months of orthotic's completion, Chinook makes all required minor adjustments at no charge. Charges will apply for additions of any new components or major changes to your original prescription. After 3 months, adjustments are charged on a time basis.

Chinook will send out the finished orthotics within 5 business days of receiving your order. If we have any issue with completing your order (i.e.: incomplete information) we will notify you immediately. The 5 business days starts from the time we receive all of the information necessary to complete the order. Please ensure your order form is filled out properly and the you include all the necessary information with the casts. 72 hour rush service is available at a cost of $30 per pair.

Please follow these steps when shipping casts to Chinook Orthotic Laboratory.

1. Dry casts for one full day before packing (or accelerate with microwave oven).

2. Label casts with both the practitioner’s and patient’s names.

3. Complete and include the Rx form and the Ax form.

4. Pack dry casts tightly in a box.

5. Address the shipping carton clearly and completely.

6. Contact us if you have any questions.


Shipping Address: #3 - 6120, 11th Street S.E. Calgary, Alberta T2L 2H7

Frequently Asked Questions

All shipping fees are the responsibility of the sender. Practitioners are required to pay the shipping costs to our lab and in turn we pay the shipping cost to send the finished orthotics to the practitioner. Accounts with an established volume of 40 pairs or more per month will receive free shipping both ways from Chinook Orthotic Laboratory. The cost of shipping orthotics to the lab for adjustments, recovering or to be rebuilt is always the responsibility of the practitioner regardless of their volume, unless it is included in a shipment of new casts.

Chinook Orthotic Laboratory uses 5 Star courier service within Calgary for same day shipping. Please call for the best option in your area, outside of Calgary.

What is Chinook’s Shipping Policy?

What do I need to include with my shipment of casts?

What is Chinook’s turnaround time?

What about warranty?

Chinook offers reduced pricing for repeat orders. The orthotic may be the same or a different style as long as we reuse the 3D scan data from the original casts. If new casts are submitted then regular new pair pricing applies. We store all digital cast images and CAD/CAM cutting files for 2 years from the date the orthotics are shipped. Physical casts are not saved after the orthotics completion date but can be returned with the completed orthotic upon request.

What about a second set of orthotics?

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What are Chinook’s prices?

For further information please see the Policies PDF on the Documents page of this site or click here to go there now.

Since Chinook is an orthotic manufacturer and wholesaler we do not post our prices on the web or to the general public at all. If you are a practitioner or clinic that would like more information please send your basic information to the email address below and request a price list and introductory package.