Text Box: A full-length padded orthotic. Our most popular model. Perfect for running  shoes, casual footwear and work boots. Light-weight 3mm polypropylene shell and extrinsic rearfoot post. 15mm heel cup. Full-length 3mm black Puff top cover to toes.


Text Box: A full-length orthotic similar to our “sport” but with extra padding both in the forefoot and the arch. Perfect for running shoes and casual footwear. Light-weight 2mm polypropylene shell and extrinsic rearfoot post. 15mm heel cup. Soft plantar arch fill.

Impact Sport

Text Box: A traditional style half- length orthotic. Very versatile. Will fit almost any shoe. Ideal for formal and business dress shoes. Light-weight 3mm polypropylene shell and extrinsic rearfoot post. 10mm heel cup. Vinyl top cover.

Dress Ortho

Text Box: A very low profile 3/4 length device with no heel cup. For both men and women, this orthotic can fit even the tightest fitting shoes such as high heels. Thin carbon-graphite shell, equivalent flex to 3mm polypropylene. 1.5mm Poron forefoot extension to sulcus. 
Black vinyl top cover.

N.H.C. (No Heel Cup)

Text Box: An accommodative yet supportive device for patients who require extra cushioning rather than control. 65D EVA shell with 15mm heel cup. 3mm Korex forefoot extension. Full-length 3mm black Puff


Text Box: A soft accommodating device focused on relief of foot pain for diabetic patients. 65D EVA and cork shell with 15mm heel cup. 3mm Poron full-length padding to toes. 3mm Plastazote full-length top cover to toes. Can be made with a softer EVA shell for more accommodation.


Technology - Accuracy - Quality

Clear polypropylene computer-milled directly from a 3D scan of the cast. Shell and extrinsic rearfoot post are one integrated piece; orthotic technology at its finest.  Can also be milled with no rearfoot post (with or without intrinsic angle) or with an integrated forefoot bar post.

This shell is the ultimate in correction accuracy , durability and comfort.

Available  Thicknesses:  2mm to 6mm with 0.1mm increments.

Direct-Milled Clear Polypropylene

White polypropylene, vacuum-pressed around a wood computer-milled mold.

Classic orthotic manufacturing.

Available  Thicknesses:  3mm, 4mm, 4.5mm (2mm for Impact Sport models only)

White Molded Polypropylene

We a proud to announce that we are offering the new PRX nylon shell. Less than 2mm thick everywhere but in the plantar area. Plantar thickness varies depending on the flex chosen. This shell is an excellent alternative to graphite and carbon composite materials. It has similar weight and low bulk characteristics without the cracking and delaminating issues that sometimes occur with composites.

Available  Flexes: Semi Rigid (comparable to 2.5mm polypro) and Rigid (comparable to 3.5mm polypro)

PRX - Nylon

Multi-layered composite with graphite reinforcements. Extremely light and thin. 1.2oz and 1.5mm thin. Available in two flexes. Finished device must have a heel cup, yet UCBL’s cannot be achieved. We recommend DBX6 for dress orthotics only. It is extremely light and low bulk but may not withstand the rigors of sport activities.

Available Flexes: #3 (comparable to 3mm polypro) and #4 (comparable to 4mm polypro)

DBX6 - Composite

Vertex composite laminate combines carbon and glass fibre with thermoplastic resins to form a fully consolidated laminate with maximum strength and stiffness at a very low weight. We recommend Vertex for dress or no heel cup orthotics only. It is extremely light and low bulk but may not withstand the rigors of sport activities.

Available Flexes: Rigid (comparable to 4mm polypro)

Vertex - Multi-layer Carbon & Fiberglass Composite

65, 55 or 35 Durometer EVA. Softer and more accommodating than a rigid plastic or composite shell but higher densities provide correction. Perfect for providing uniform support and alleviating pressure points for diabetic patients.

EVA Foam

Orthotic Styles

Shell Materials

Accommodations & Additions

Post Types

Top Covers

Bottom Covers

1st Met Cutout

1st Ray Cutout

Fascial Groove

Hallux Rigidus Splint

Vacuum molded white poly only.


5th Met Cutout



As Marked

On Cast

Medial Heel Skive

Heel Aperture

Shell Modifications & Accommodations


Horseshoe Pad

Metatarsal Pad


Hallux Limitus



Reverse Morton’s




- must be marked on cast or diagram

Extrinsic Forefoot Post Options

High Medial Flange

Post Types

1.5mm Black Puff

3mm Black Puff

3mm Blue Multiform

4mm Blue Multiform

3mm Black Nyplex

1.5mm Black Nyplex

Black Vinyl

Tan Simulated Ostrich                                                     

Black Ultrahyde -Additional Charge

3mm Plastazote

6mm Plastazote

Leather -Additional Charge

Suede -Additional Charge

Black Vinyl

1.5mm Black Nyplex                  

Tan Sim. Ostrich

1.5mm Korex